30 Incredible Killer Whale Tattoo Designs with Meanings

30 Incredible Killer Whale Tattoo Designs with Meanings

#11 Tiny Killer Whale and DolphinTiny Killer Whale and Dolphin by tattooist_ida Photo: tattooist_ida

#12 Subtle Killer Whale Tattoo Behind the EarKiller Whale Tattoo Behind the Ear by tattooist_banul Photo: tattooist_banul

#13 Killer Whale With Mountain and Universe on TightKiller Whale Tattoo by _park_tae_ Photo: _park_tae_

#14 Mini Killer Whale Tattoo on Back of NeckMini Killer Whale Tattoo by _park_tae_Photo: _park_tae_

#15 Killer Whale On The MoonKiller Whale On The Moon by _park_tae_ Photo: _park_tae_

#16 Black Ink Orca TattooBlack Ink Orca Tattoo by sakim__Photo: sakim__

#17 Micro Killer Whale Tattoo on FingerMicro Killer Whale Tattoo on Finger by dasi_bom  Photo: dasi_bom

#18 Black and Grey Killer Whale and WaveBlack and Grey Killer Whale Tattoo by ilwolhongdam Photo: ilwolhongdam

#19 Orca Whale on Inner Bicep with Prismatic GeometryOrca Whale on Inner Bicep by freeorgy Photo: freeorgy

#20 Black and Grey Piece on WristKiller Whale Tattoo by tattooistmuha Photo: tattooistmuha

  1. My love and I had a dream on the same night about an orca. I really believe that it is a sign that we will overcome our hardships and that we truly are meant for eachother. We both agreed on matching orca tattoos. Looking for an idea! Great pics! Thanks!

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