24 Gorgeous Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo Designs

24 Gorgeous Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo Designs

#13 Tiny Ginkgo Leaf on EarTiny Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo on Ear by nesheva_ulyana Photo: nesheva_ulyana

#14 Beautiful Piece on Collar BoneGinkgo Leaf Tattoo by boran_tattooer Photo: boran_tattooer

#15 Lovely Ginkgo Leaf TattooGinkgo Leaf Tattoo by stellatxttoo Photo: stellatxttoo

#16 Single Line Ginkgo Leaf on Back ShoulderSingle Line Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo by Mo Ganji Photo: moganji

#17 Fine Lines Piece on AnkleFine Line Ginkgo Leaves by Bicem Sinik Photo: bicemsinik

#18 Geometric Design on BackGeometric Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo by Bicem Sinik Photo: bicemsinik

#19 Sketch Style Ginkgo Leaves on LegSketch Style Ginkgo Leaves by frankcarrilho Photo: frankcarrilho

#20 Ginkgo Leaves CircleGinkgo Leaves Circle by severovroma Photo: severovroma

#21 Blackwork Ginkgo Leaf on ArmBlackwork Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo by rachainsworth Photo: rachainsworth

#22 Ginkgo Leaf with Geometric Elements on Upper BackGinkgo Leaf Tattoo by emrahozhan Photo: emrahozhan

#23 Realistic Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo Realistic Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo by pissaroPhoto: pissaro_tattoo

#24 Multicolored Ginkgo Leaves on RibsMulticolored Ginkgo Leaves on Ribs by tattoosbylunaPhoto: tattoosbyluna

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