24 Gorgeous Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo Designs

Ginkgo leaf tattoo designs are in trend nowadays due to their unique shape, delicacy, and especially for their powerful symbolic meanings.

The ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba) is one of the oldest living tree species with an incredibly long lifespan which is due to its remarkable resistance to disease and pests, thus being the symbol of longevity. The ginkgo is one of the trees that survived the atomic blast of Hiroshima, being associated with endurance and vitality.

For centuries, its leaves have been seen as a symbol of peace and hope, particularly in its native land of China. Due to the unique botanical shape of its leaves, the gingko tree was associated with duality, those features being widely expressed in Asian literature and art.

Due to its medicinal properties, the gingko tree is a symbol of good health and a bearer of hope.

Possessing so many cultural values and symbolic meanings, the beautiful and delicate ginkgo leaf is a popular motif extensively used in Asian art but it is also valued around the world.

Inked on the skin, the most notable symbols of a ginkgo leaf tattoo are hope, vitality, love, and duality. A ginkgo leaf tattoo can be also a talisman of health or indicate the fact that you are a survivor.

#1 Black and Grey Ginkgo Leaves on RibsBlack and Grey Ginkgo Leaves by nhannascott Photo: nhannascott

#2 Symmetrical Ginkgo Leaves on CollarbonesSymmetrical Ginkgo Leaves on Collarbones by clarisseamourtattoo Photo: clarisseamourtattoo

#3 Blackwork Ginkgo Leaves on LegBlackwork Ginkgo Leaves on Leg by lydiasharonhughes Photo: lydiasharonhughes

#4 Two Big Ginkgo Leaves on KneeTwo Ginkgo Leaves on Knee by terrygrow Photo: terrygrow

#5 Hand Poked Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo on WristHand Poked Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo by laramaju Photo: laramaju

#6 Another Splendid Design on RibsGinkgo Leaves on Ribs by missmollietattoo Photo: missmollietattoo

#7 Linework and Dotwork Ginkgo Leaves on Inner Bicep
Linework and Dotwork Ginkgo Leaves by alinewata Photo: alinewata

#8 Traditional Black Ink Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo
Traditional Black Ink Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo by cjcooktattoo Photo: cjcooktattoo

#9 Three Beautiful Ginkgo Leaves on ArmGinkgo Leaves on Arm by startwithapen Photo: startwithapen

#10 Delicate Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo in TriangleDelicate Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo in Triangle by ilwolhongdam Photo: ilwolhongdam

#11 Subtle Ginkgo Leaves on WristSubtle Ginkgo Leaves on Wrist by drag_ink Photo: drag_ink

#12 Yellow Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo Above ElbowYellow Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo by starcrossedtattoo Photo: starcrossedtattoo

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