30 Spiritual Flower of Life Tattoo Designs

A flower of life tattoo is an appropriate design for spiritual persons and for those interested in sacred geometry designs.

The flower of life is the name of a geometric figure composed of equal, superimposed circles inside a hexagon that is surrounded by a circle. The pattern is considered to be a symbol of sacred geometry and represents the creation of all life in the universe.

The Flower of Life symbol contains an extraordinary ancient beauty that has been consecrated by major religions and by mystics and alchemists alike. It has been known for many generations to be the perfect form that describes how matter is formed by the vibrations of universal energy. The sacred symbol has been used as a decorative motif since ancient times; it’s perfection, proportion, and harmony being remarked by philosophers, architects, and artists around the world.

The flower of life has a great significance for those who want to spiritually evolve and helps to enlighten those who study it within sacred geometry.

As a tattoo, the flower of life represents the mysteries of the universe, creation and time. It is said that those who bear the flower of life as a talisman receive protection, good fortune, prosperity, happiness, health, abundance, and enlightenment.

A flower of life tattoo can be easily personalized using different techniques and colors or can be a base of a more intricate design.

See bellow our selection of 30 beautiful flower of life tattoos and if you like sacred geometry patterns you should also check these gorgeous mandala tattoo designs.

Flower of Life Tattoo by cam_aceshightattooPhoto: cam_aceshightattoo

Dotwork Flower of Life Tattoo by mary_tereshchenko Photo: mary_tereshchenko

Flower of Life Tattoo by mary_tereshchenko  Photo: mary_tereshchenko

Watercolour Flower of Life Tattoo by jemkatattooart Photo: jemkatattooart

Flower of Life Tattoo by tyagochronos Photo: tyagochronos

Flower of Life Tattoo by ladvtattoosPhoto: ladvtattoos

Flower of Life Tattoo by cryztalztattoo Photo: cryztalztattoo

Flower of Life Tattoo by rebelsketchtattoo Photo: rebelsketchtattoo

Flower of Life Tattoo by dinna.rivera Photo: dinna.rivera

Flower of Life Tattoo by inlak33sh Photo: inlak33sh

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