32 Fascinating Solar System Tattoo Designs

32 Fascinating Solar System Tattoo Designs

#11 Gorgeous Black Ink Piece on Inner BicepBlack Ink Solar System Tattoo by samanthatattoo Photo: samanthatattoo

#12 Another Dotwork Piece Solar System Tattoo by wagnerbasei Photo: wagnerbasei

#13 Solar System Tattoo on ArmSolar System Tattoo by Jéssica Paixão Photo: Jéssica Paixão

#14 Minimalist Dotwork Design Solar System Tattoo by luiza.blackbird Photo: luiza.blackbird

#15 Cool Design on Forearm Solar System Tattoo by antimorris Photo: antimorris

#16 Another Gorgeous Spine TattooSolar System Tattoo by gerardowaz Photo: gerardowaz

#17 Delicate Piece on Inner Forearm Solar System Tattoo by Pablo Díaz Gordoa Photo: Pablo Díaz Gordoa

#18 Blackwork Solar System Tattoo Solar System Tattoo by Irina Doroshenko Photo: Irina Doroshenko

#19 Tiny Solar System on Collar BoneTiny Solar System Tattoo by Ahmet Cambaz Photo: Ahmet Cambaz

#20 Solar System and Geometric ElementsSolar System Tattoo by balazsbercsenyi Photo: balazsbercsenyi

#21 Colored Calf PieceSolar System Tattoo by winstonthewhale Photo: winstonthewhale

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