35 Cool Beetle Tattoo Designs For Insect Lovers

Beetle tattoo designs are very popular and often associated with spiritual significance.

Beetles are a group of insects from the order Coleoptera, with about 400,000 species. Although the major impact of beetles on human life is as agricultural pests, they are very prominent in human culture, from the sacred scarabs of ancient Egypt to depictions in art, used as pets or as food. Many beetle groups are brightly and attractively colored making them objects of collection and decorative displays.

In tattoo art, beetles make great models for tattoos due to their interesting and colorful designs but also for their symbolic meanings.

Inked on the skin, a beetle tattoo is associated with spirituality but also with strength, nobility, creations, rebirth, metamorphosis, and luck.

The most popular beetle tattoos are the Scarab beetles, which are a powerful symbol in ancient Egypt, being associated with the divine.

#1 Dotwork Goliath Beetle on ForearmGoliath Beetle Tattoo by aleksander_lew_tattoo Photo: aleksander_lew_tattoo

#2 Colored Beetle with Geometric ElementsBeetle Tattoo by chrisrigonitattooer Photo: chrisrigonitattooer

#3 Hercules Beetle and FlowersHercules Beetle Tattoo by chrisrigonitattooer Photo: chrisrigonitattooer

#4 Double Exposure Stag Beetle TattooStag Beetle Tattoo by klaudia_holda Photo: klaudia_holda

#5 Colored Scarab Beetle on ArmScarab Beetle Tattoo by handmade_tattooPhoto: handmade_tattoo

#6 Another Gorgeous Hercules Beetle on Inner Bicep
Gorgeous Hercules Beetle Tattoo by jonas_masgas_tattoo Photo: jonas_masgas_tattoo

#7 Black and Grey Skull Beetle and MandalaBeetle Tattoo by lonewolf_gd Photo: lonewolf_gd

#8 Realistic Beetle Tattoo on KneeRealistic Beetle Tattoo by luis_vegavega Photo: luis_vegavega

#9 Abstract Beetle Tattoo on RibsAbstract Beetle Tattoo by kerste_tattoosPhoto: kerste_tattoos

#10 Dotwork Stag BeetleDotwork Stag Beetle Tattoo by demi_tattoo Photo: demi_tattoo

#11 Mechanical Beetle Tattoo on ChestMechanical Beetle Tattoo by remilerouge_art Photo: remilerouge_art

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