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Gorgeous Botanical Tattoo Designs by Cindy van Schie

Cindy van Schie is a full-time drawer and tattoo artist based in Hague, Netherlands. She started drawing as a hobby that quickly turned into a full-time job in the studio Red Hot Tattoos.

Cindy has a great love for nature and spends most of her time outdoors from where she draws inspiration for her beautiful botanical tattoo designs.

She has developed a particularly feminine and delicate style in which a fine realism portrays her tattoos.

See below a small selection of Cindy’s botanical tattoos and follow her on Instagram for daily updates and images of new work.

#1 Pretty Forget Me Nots Tattoo on Leg

#2 Gorgeous Magnolia Tattoo on Inner Forearm

#3 Beautiful Matching Poppy Flowers

#4 Little Violet Flower Tattoo

#5 Lovely Pink Peony on Forearm

#6 Superb Fern Leaf Tattoo on Bicep

#7 Delicate Floral Bracelet Tattoo

#8 Splendid Pink Orchid Tattoo on Ribs

#9 Charming Fall Maple Leafs

#10 Pink Lily of the Valley Tattoo on Arm

#11 Gorgeous Botanical Tattoo

#12 Dried Flowers on Wrist

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