60 Best Skull Tattoo Designs and Ideas

60 Best Skull Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Skull tattoo designs have a variety of different meanings and are one of the most popular tattoo choices in the world. The most common symbolic interpretation of a skull is the image of death and mortality, but this has changed in modern times, nowadays the skull appears as a matter of fashion rather than representing the symbolism of history.

Being the universal symbol of death, an image that reminds us of the ephemeral fate of man, some may find a human skull attractive and can be fascinated by it, while others will reject it.

In our society prevails the culture according to which the skulls are associated with death and evil. However, for some ancient societies, the skull has opposite symbols, representing rebirth, eternal life and the embodiment of consciousness.

In Christian art and culture, the skull symbolizes eternity, repentance and human vanity.

An ancient image of a skull with a snake coiled in its orbits is a symbol of knowledge and immortality or an illustration of the motto “Knowledge survives death.”

In the past, the skull was a popular symbol of triumph over enemies and a warning for those defeated in battle. Piles of skulls were collected in public places, declaring victory and illustrating the number of felled enemies. The skull was often seen as a trophy, victorious kings using it as a goblet.

In Mexico, skulls adorned with feathers and gemstones commemorate the ancestors.

A skull tattoo can be worn as a symbol of protection against death but may signify an attitude of defiance and confrontation of death, the affirmation of life or of living hedonistic (‘Carpe Diem’). Often associated with danger and macabre, a skull tattoo will express your fearless nature.

The skull is very popular among bikers, representing an amulet or a talisman of protection against death.

To achieve a cool design, a skull tattoo can be associated with snakes, flames, crossbones, daggers, scorpions, spiders or flowers depending on your personality and preferences.

We have collected bellow 60 beautiful skull tattoo designs to help you get inspired.

#1 Dotwork Skull on Left ThighDotwork Skull Tattoo by sauldekaese  Photo: sauldekaese

#2 Half Dotwork and Half Floral Skull Skull Tattoo by marcusrotten Photo: marcusrotten

#3 Skull and Watercolor OrchidsSkull Tattoo and Orchids by koray_karagozler Photo: koray_karagozler

#4 Skull and Flowers on Upper Back Skull Tattoo by koray_karagozler Photo: koray_karagozler

#5 Matching Skulls on CoupleMatching Skull Tattoos by Roa Tattoo Photo: Roa Tattoo

#6 Minimalist Traditional Skull on Inner BicepMinimalist Traditional Skull Tattoo by Joe Encantado Photo: Joe Encantado

#7 Sketch Style Skull on Inner ForearmSkull Tattoo by Zoio Tattoo Photo: Zoio Tattoo 

#8 Skull with Tentacles on ChestSkull Tattoo by Adam Rhys Thomas Photo: Adam Rhys Thomas

#9 Black and Grey Skull TattooBlack and Grey Skull Tattoo by diana.volt Photo: diana.volt

#10 Half Sleeve Skull and FlowersSkull Tattoo by ohtanyagee Photo: ohtanyagee

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