27 Splendid Avocado Tattoo Designs and Ideas

27 Splendid Avocado Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Avocado tattoo designs are a trend nowadays and besides expressing the love for the delicious fruit, there are also a few symbolic meanings associated with them.

Originally coming from Mexico and Central America, the avocado tree is also called “alligator pear” because of its green fruits that look like pears.

The symbolic and sensual history of the avocado goes back to the time of ancient Aztecs, who believed the fruit has aphrodisiac qualities. They named it ‘Ahacatl’, meaning “green testicle”, not only for its resemblance but also for the passion they believed that the fruit arouses. Since ancient times, avocados have been a symbol of love, lust, passion, and fertility. In Colombia, an ideal husband brings avocados as a gift to his wife.

In addition to being a culinary delight, the avocado has healing and health-improving qualities, being also a symbol of beauty.

When cut in half, a side of the avocado reveals an egg-shaped seed, while the other half is showing the missing space of this seed. For that reason, avocado halves make great designs for matching tattoos being a perfect choice for couples and best friends.

See below our selection of 27 gorgeous avocado tattoo ideas and get inspired for your next tattoo.

#1 Beautiful Matching Avocados on AnklesMatching Avocado Tattoos by iosep.ink Photo: iosep.ink

#2 Linework Avocado Halves at the BeachLinework Avocado Tattoo by shaynapraytattoos Photo: shaynapraytattoos

#3 Colored Avocado Tattoo on BicepColored Avocado Tattoo by fraserpeektattoo Photo: fraserpeektattoo

#4 Blackwork Avocado with BranchBlackwork Avocado Tattoo by mattsteblytattoos Photo: mattsteblytattoos

#5 Tiny Avocado TattooTiny Avocado Tattoo by jane.kissa Photo: jane.kissa

#6 Dotwork Avocado and Flower on RibsDotwork Avocado Tattoo by ianlovedit Photo: ianlovedit

#7 Realistic Avocado on CalfRealistic Avocado Tattoo by l_a_tattoo Photo: l_a_tattoo

#8 Black Ink Avocado Tattoo on LegBlack Ink Avocado Tattoo by deadbaybees Photo: deadbaybees

#9 Demon Avocado on CalfDemon Avocado by disfigured_organs Photo: disfigured_organs

#10 Gorgeous Design on Inner BicepAvocado Tattoo by anesth_esia Photo: anesth_esia

#11 Minimalist Avocado Tattoo and ArrowMinimalist Avocado Tattoo by jk.tat Photo: jk.tat

#12 Blackwork Avocado and FlowersBlackwork Avocado Tattoo by romain_labordille Photo: romain_labordille

#13 Dotwork Avocado Tattoo on LegDotwork Avocado Tattoo by panos_gabriel_owltattooatelier Photo: panos_gabriel_owltattooatelier

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