39 Inspiring Anatomical Heart Tattoos

39 Inspiring Anatomical Heart Tattoos

#31 “Sowing the seeds of love”Anatomical Heart Tattoo by Michele Volpi Photo: Michele Volpi

#32 Geometric Heart on Inner ForearmGeometric Heart by Michele VolpiPhoto: Michele Volpi

#33 Minimalist Heart on Upper Back Minimalist Heart Tattoo by Cagri Durmaz Photo: Cagri Durmaz

#34 Anatomical Heart with Snake Anatomical Heart Tattoo with Snake by Gia Photo: Gia

#35 Anatomical Heart with California PoppiesAnatomical Heart Tattoo by Kat Dillon Photo: Kat Dillon

#36 Floral Anatomical Heart TattooFloral Anatomical Heart Tattoo by Harry Plane Photo: Harry Plane

#37 Heart and Wild RoseHeart and Wild Rose Tattoo by Oskar Photo: Oskar

#38 “Home is Where Your Heart Is” Anatomical Heart Tattoo by ilja hummel Photo: ilja hummel

#39 Matching Anatomical Heart TattoosMatching Anatomical Heart Tattoos by Aleksandra StojanoskaPhoto: Aleksandra Stojanoska

#40 Heart of StoneAnatomical Heart Tattoo by ashandwoodPhoto: ashandwood

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