35 Best World Map Tattoo Ideas For Travel Lovers

35 Best World Map Tattoo Ideas For Travel Lovers

#13 Blackwork Map on ThighBlackwork Map Tattoo by ianlovedit Photo: ianlovedit

#14 Watercolor World Map and CompassWatercolor World Map by robcarvalhoart Photo: robcarvalhoart

#15 Floral World Map on Back ShoulderFloral World Map Tattoo by Mary Tereshchenko Photo: Mary Tereshchenko

#16 Sketch Style World Map Design Sketch Style World Map Tattoo by kamilmokot Photo: kamilmokot

#17 Geometric World Map TattooGeometric World Map Tattoo by Malvina Maria Wisniewska Photo: Malvina Maria Wisniewska

#18 World Map Tattoo Made With LinesWorld Map Tattoo by thomasetattoos Photo: Thomas Eckeard

#19 Beautiful Dotwork MapDotwork World Map Tattoo by tattooist_flower  Photo: tattooist_flower

#20 Elegant Design on Upper BackElegant World Map Tattoo by tattooist_flower  Photo: tattooist_flower

#21 Purple World Map With Geometric ElementsPurple World Map by dianaseverinenko Photo: Diana Severinenko

#22 Minimalist World Map Tattoo on WristMinimalist World Map Tattoo by Ahmet Cambaz Photo: Ahmet Cambaz

#23 Splendid Watercolor Design on Upper Back Watercolor World Map Tattoo by Yeliz Ozcan Photo: Yeliz Ozcan

#24 Delicate World Map Delicate World Map by mr.k_tattoo Photo: mr.k_tattoo

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