35 Best World Map Tattoo Ideas For Travel Lovers

35 Best World Map Tattoo Ideas For Travel Lovers

 A world map tattoo is extremely cool and a perfect design for those who want to travel. A map inked on your skin is a testimony towards your passion for traveling that will always arouse the desire for adventure and exploration.

Although the designs of world map tattoos are generally the same, depicting the shapes of continents and countries, they can be a metaphor through which the tattoo wearer wants to express different feelings.

A world map tattoo could be portrayed either minimalist, depicting only the shapes of the continents, or more intricate and colored in varieties of styles, you have just to use your creativity to the fullest!

For travel and tattoo lovers, we have selected the best world map tattoo designs that we hope will reach your heart and fit your tastes.

#1 World Map Tattoo With Geometric ElementsWorld map tattoo with geometric elements by Guy Levi Photo: Guy Levi

#2 Dotwork World Map With ArrowsDotwork World Map Tattoo With Arrows by eze_tattooer Photo: eze_tattooer

#3 Fine Line Design on Inner ForearmFine Line World Map by Jai Cheong Photo: Jai Cheong

#4 Colored World Map on Upper Back Colored World Map by gashi_tattooer Photo: gashi_tattooer

#5 Dotwork Back PieceDotwork World Map Tattoo by samuel_kurgan Photo: Samuel Kurgan

#6 Watercolor World Map on Forearm Watercolor World Map by koray_karagozler Photo: koray_karagozler

#7 Watercolor Map and Paper BoatWatercolor Map and Paper Boat by koray_karagozler Photo: koray_karagozler

#8 Dotwork and Linework Map with CompassDotwork and Linework Map Tattoo by Marcelo Capocci Photo: Marcelo Capocci

#9 Big Dotwork World on Upper Back Dotwork World Map Tattoo by Melissa Zimmer Photo: Melissa Zimmer

#10 Minimalist World Map Tattoo on LegMinimalist World Map Tattoo by isaarttattoo Photo: isaarttattoo

#11 Dotwork Geometric Map on RibcageDotwork Geometric World Map Tattoo by hysteria.ink Photo: hysteria.ink

#12 Colored World Map on CalfColored World Map by con ele Photo: con ele