30+ Gorgeous Blue Ink Tattoos

30+ Gorgeous Blue Ink Tattoos

If you consider getting a tattoo, but you associate the classic black ink with tribal or rough patterns, you may direct your attention to more delicate and bright designs, like blue ink tattoos.

Blue is one of the three primary colors and most popular in the world, often associated with natural elements such as the luminous sky or stretches of water.

From small designs like a snowflake to more intricate patterns, such as a mandala or a floral arrangement, inked on skin with blue ink, these models will bring to your appearance a serene touch.

You will find below a selection of gorgeous blue ink tattoos featuring diverse designs and placed in different areas of the body, all made in various shades of blue.

Blue Ink Dreamcatcher Tattoo by Horikyo source

Blue Ink Whale Tattoo by tattooist IDA source

Blue Ink Diamond Tattoo by virpaiz source

Blue Ink Rose Tattoo by Carolina Carmona source

Blue Ink Cat Tattoo On Finger by tattooist IDA source

30+ Gorgeous Blue Ink Tattoos source

Blue Ink Octopus Tattoo by ldayvee source

Blue Ink Snowflake Tattoos by Edna tattoo source

Blue Ink Feather Tattoo source

Blue Ink Mandala Tattoo by ldayvee source

Blue Ink Paper Plane Tattoo by tattooist IDA source

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