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30 Charming Goldfish Tattoo Designs

A goldfish tattoo is a good way to celebrate your little pet but it is also a cute and charming amulet for good luck and prosperity.

The goldfish (Carassius auratus) is a reddish-golden Eurasian carp originated in China and is among the first domesticated pet fish. A long history of breeding in China and Japan has resulted in many varieties of forms and colors.

The elegant and charming goldfish has inspired many symbolic meanings in various cultures.

In Buddhism, goldfishes symbolize happiness, as they have complete freedom in the water. They also represent fertility, abundance, and harmony. In China, they represented conjugal unity and fidelity, where a pair of fishes would often be given as a wedding present.

Ancient Greeks believed the goldfish enhanced good luck in marriage and relationships. In Ancient Egypt, goldfishes were kept in the house as a lucky omen for the family.

As the goldfish is often associated with financial success, a goldfish tattoo is a symbol of prosperity, wealth, luck, and abundance.

Check below our selection of 30 beautiful goldfish tattoo designs and get inspired for your next tattoo.

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