30 Incredible Killer Whale Tattoo Designs with Meanings

In a previous post, we talked about the symbolic meanings of whale tattoos and now it’s time to learn about the significance of a killer whale tattoo. While there are many similarities between all whales, the Orca or the killer whale stands out of them. The killer whale is primarily distinguished from the rest of […]

24 Gorgeous Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo Designs

Ginkgo leaf tattoo designs are in trend nowadays due to their unique shape, delicacy, and especially for their powerful symbolic meanings. The ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba) is one of the oldest living tree species with an incredibly long lifespan which is due to its remarkable resistance to disease and pests, thus being the symbol of […]

30 Creative Frida Kahlo Tattoo Designs

Frida Kahlo tattoo designs are becoming more and more popular, this famous painter being a limitless source of inspiration for tattoo artists and a role model for many independent women. The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo became known mostly for her self-portraits painted in a surrealist style but she is also remembered for her pain and […]

30 Gorgeous Orchid Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Due to their exotic appearance, orchid tattoos are popular designs among women and occasionally amidst men. Imprinted on the skin, an orchid tattoo has important symbolic meanings. These beautiful gifts of nature have inspired different meanings in many parts of the world, generally symbolizing love, beauty, and innocence. Over time, the orchid flowers have symbolized […]

46 Adorable Fox Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Foxes are extremely adorable creatures and people choose to ink their portraits mostly for their cute appearance. But a fox tattoo has a variety of ambiguous meanings, being the symbol of both good and evil. Foxes are seen differently depending on culture. Therefore, in the Western tradition, the fox is the basic symbol of cunning, […]

22 Grandiose Iris Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Having deeply symbolic meanings and a beautiful appearance, the distinctive iris flower makes a great design for tattoos. Associated with royalty, the meaning of an iris tattoo is most often connected to the Greek goddess Iris, the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. While any iris symbolizes royalty, wisdom, and courage the […]

20 Vivid Earth Tattoo Designs and Ideas

In the last years, Earth tattoo designs have become very popular among tattoo and travel lovers. People choose to embellish their bodies with Earth tattoos to express thankfulness and bring homage to Mother Earth but also to show their passion for travel and exploration. But an Earth tattoo has also a lot of symbolic meanings. […]

33 Best Dinosaur Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Although completely disappeared about 65.5 million years ago, long before man has made its appearance on this planet, dinosaurs are fascinating creatures which have become an important source of inspiration for literature, film, cartoons and even body art. Dinosaur tattoo designs are not very popular since most people don’t have an emotional connection with these […]