25 Splendid Olive Branch Tattoo Designs

If you are a peaceful and spiritual person and want to express it by inking your skin, then you should choose an olive branch tattoo. For thousands of years, the olive tree was the symbol of peace, victory, wisdom and happiness. Being witness to so many biblical events, the olive tree is considered sacred in […]

46 Magnificent Mountain Tattoo Designs

Nature is a great source of inspiration for tattoo artists and mountains represent an important natural motif with many symbolic meanings. The common meaning of a mountain tattoo is the love for nature and travel, but it could also remind of a great journey or a special place. Still, the symbolism of a mountain can […]

32 Fascinating Solar System Tattoo Designs

The image of the Solar System has become a great source of inspiration for fashion, crafts, and posters. Also, in tattoo art, Solar System tattoo designs have grown in popularity among astronomy enthusiasts and astrology fans alike. Like any other type of tattoo related to space, a Solar System tattoo is a way to express […]

60 Best Skull Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Skull tattoo designs have a variety of different meanings and are one of the most popular tattoo choices in the world. The most common symbolic interpretation of a skull is the image of death and mortality, but this has changed in modern times, nowadays the skull appears as a matter of fashion rather than representing […]

Delicate Floral Tattoo Designs by Tattooist Silo

Korean tattoo artist Silo (aka tattooist_silo) decorates her clients’ skin with colorful floral tattoo designs that look like watercolor paintings. Made in soft colors, her feminine designs often focus on floral arrangements but she also creates vibrant portraits of animals. See below a selection of Silo’s bright floral compositions and check her Instagram for more […]

The Beautiful Dotwork Tattoos of Gael Ricci

Gael Ricci is a self-taught French tattoo artist and painter worshiper of dotwork style. Street artist for over 10 years and very active on the graffiti scene, Ricci abandoned the walls to devote himself exclusively to tattoos and his canvas creations. Specialized in pointillism and realistic illustration, he accurately reproduces on skin personal paintings inspired […]

20 Wonderful Carnation Tattoo Designs

Flowers are subtle embodiments of nature and expressive symbols making great tattoo designs, especially for women. Almost every flower has a meaning in different cultures, and the carnation makes no exception. Generally, a carnation tattoo is associated with love, affection and strong feelings, but it gathers the most diverse meanings in different parts of the […]

44 Mystical Moon Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The image of the moon is fascinating and deeply symbolic, being a great design for tattoos. A moon tattoo is a perfect choice for those who have a whimsical side, believe in the influence of celestial bodies, want to pay homage to astrology, or have an interest in astronomy or science. Because of its apparent […]

48 Lovely Dog Tattoo Designs to Celebrate Man’s Best Friend

A dog tattoo is definitely the best way to honor and show your gratitude towards your furry friend. Dogs are a very popular tattoo choice among animal lovers because of their loyalty, fidelity, and affection. People also choose to honor their lost beloved companions by printing their portraits on the skin. A dog is not […]

The Surreal Dotwork Tattoos of Ilya Brezinski

Belarussian tattoo artist and illustrator Ilya Brezinski specializes in composing dotwork and blackwork designs both on paper and skin. Brezinski’s tattoos vary from animals to everyday objects and different scenes, all made in black ink and usually featuring a surreal scenery. See below a selection of Brezinski’s dotwork tattoos and follow him on Instagram and […]