20 Wonderful Carnation Tattoo Designs

20 Wonderful Carnation Tattoo Designs

Flowers are subtle embodiments of nature and expressive symbols making great tattoo designs, especially for women. Almost every flower has a meaning in different cultures, and the carnation makes no exception.

Generally, a carnation tattoo is associated with love, affection and strong feelings, but it gathers the most diverse meanings in different parts of the world. If you are born in the first month of the year, a carnation tattoo is a perfect choice, being January’s birth flower.

In the last century, the carnation became associated with Mother’s Day and Women’s Day, but the diversity of its colors have inspired various symbols.

White carnations, like most white flowers, are symbols of purity but also represent devotion, the pure love that hasn’t been consumed yet. A red carnation transmits strong feelings of passion and love, while pink carnations are associated with maternal love.

The yellow shade of carnations is often associated with jealousy, but they can be rather interpreted as a sign of contempt and rejection. Purple carnations are associated with dreams and fantasies and the multicolored ones signify a refusal, especially in a romantic relationship.

Many women choose carnation tattoos just to embellish their bodies but knowing the significance of each color of this beautiful flower can help you opt for the design that best suits you.

#1 Pink Carnation on ForearmPink Carnation Tattoo by unlimitedinktattoojag Photo: unlimitedinktattoojag

#2 Delicate Black&Grey Carnation TattooDelicate Carnation Tattoo by christophervasquez22 Photo: christophervasquez22

#3 Carnation and Daisy Side Piece
Carnation and Daisy Tattoo by Leah Samuels Photo: Leah Samuels

#4 Small Pink Carnation on ArmSmall Pink Carnation Tattoo by Casey Hart Photo: Casey Hart

#5 Carnation Bouquet on Inner BicepCarnation Bouquet by sonjabowtattoos Photo: sonjabowtattoos

#6 Half Sleeve Colored Carnations Carnation Tattoos by Samantha Vail Photo: Samantha Vail

#7 Red Carnation Tattoo on ForearmRed Carnation Tattoo by pooka Photo: pooka

#8 Watercolor Carnation on SpineWatercolor Carnation Tattoo by Eileen Photo: Eileen

#9 Carnation Inside a Dopamine MoleculeCarnation and Dopamine Molecule Tattoo by Kenny Sanchez Photo: Kenny Sanchez

#10 Blackwork Carnations on Forearm Blackwork Carnations by Daniel Gutiérrez Photo: Daniel Gutiérrez

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