100 Trendy and Irresistible Tattoo Ideas for Girls

100 Trendy and Irresistible Tattoo Ideas for Girls

#61 Subtle Tree Tattoo on Back of NeckDelicate Tree Tattoo by tattooist_sodam Photo: tattooist_sodam

#62 Delicate Lavender Tattoo on Collar BoneDelicate Lavender Tattoo by vt_kazantsev Photo: vt_kazantsev

#63 Blackwork Sunflower Tattoo on SideBlackwork Sunflower Tattoo on Side by katyavlis_tattoo Photo: katyavlis_tattoo

#64 Micro Planet Tattoo on Wrist Micro Planet Tattoo on Wrist by shortyloco Photo: shortyloco

#65 Minimalist Single Line Whale TattooMinimalist Single Line Whale Tattoo by torilitattoo Photo: torilitattoo

#66 Gorgeous Sternum TattooGorgeous Sternum Tattoo by sarahbbolen Photo: sarahbbolen

#67 Pretty Flowers on FingersPretty Flowers on Fingers by ratcult Photo: ratcult

#68 Pink Chrysanthemum Tattoo on Arm Pink Chrysanthemum Tattoo on Arm by miiss.lee Photo: miiss.lee

#69 Hand Poked Running Bunny TattooHand Poked Running Bunny Tattoo by madame_unikatPhoto: madame_unikat

#70 Watercolor Bird with Palm Tree and FlowersWatercolor Bird with Palm Tree and Flowers by tattooist_silo Photo: tattooist_silo

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